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Up close and confidential with Haifa Wehbe

The former Miss South Lebanon has millions of fans, from everyday folks to celebrity admirers. She is the original glamour symbol of the Middle East. She shows others that they should be original, yet they just keep copying her.

Haifa is an incredibly strong symbol of empowerment, especially for women. She’s alluring. She’s beautiful. She’s a magnet. People love her style, her music, the power of her personality and her honesty. Whether in Beirut, Paris or Los Angeles, people respond to her.

There is something attractive about a woman who successfully deals with the criticism in her life and somehow emerges more grateful than bitter. Haifa gives you a different piece of herself with every interview, appearance and performance. You can almost feel where she is in her life with each word. Not many artists can capture an audience the way she does.

She has traveled the spectrum of the entertainment industry, moving from beauty pageants to modeling and then singing. All the while, she’s kept us on the edge of our seats, anticipating her next captivating move. Get acquainted with Haifa, and you too will see that she is the sexiest woman in the world for more than just her looks…

1. Tell us about your singing career. Was this part of a master strategy or did it evolve in the natural course of your life?

I love music. My friend Jean-Marie Riachi [composer and distributor] said to me, “Haifa, enrich yourself and embrace the idea.” At the beginning, he had to urge and encourage my singing career. He kept after me and finally convinced me. He came up with my first song “Aqoul Ahwak” (“I Say I Love You”), a mixture of Arabic melody and Spanish rhythms. This song was rahja (big), and this was the beginning.

2. What was your experience with your reality television show “Al Wadi”?

The experience on “Al Wadi” (The Valley”) was incredible. It meant entering a difficult living situation for the first time. I was scared of the idea at the start, but the challenge of living in the country was something I had to try.

Living in difficult circumstances without all of the available things you are normally guaranteed is not easy. Other people go through this every day. We were occupied with taking care of the animals, baking and more. All of this was new to me and the others on the show. I made so many new friendships and new friends from different countries.

Who is the real Haifa...


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