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Anna Vissi

A personality that is a symbol of modern day Greece. A force to be reckoned with. A trendsetter. A superstar. An icon. These are simple ways to describe one of the most influential personalities in Greece today: Anna Vissi, the most successful singer for the last 35 years in a nation in transition. A nation on the line between Eastern and Western Europe and bordering on the Middle East. A nation joining the European Union and the Euro Zone while embracing and adopting many of Middle Eastern traditions and culture.

Anna Vissi, simply put, is Greece and, like Greece, is constantly evolving. However, Anna Vissi is far from simple. She has performed all over Europe and in the United States. She has represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest three times. She performed at the Olympics in Athens. She has sung in front of heads of state and royalty. In addition to Athens and her birthplace in Cyprus, Anna has lived in London, New York and most recently, Los Angeles. She absorbs her surroundings and creates her own unique style of music that evolves over time.

Anna is constantly growing, changing and redefining herself and her music. Her audience ranges from the pre-teens to the 50- and 60-somethings. Her wide appeal demonstrates her talent, but more importantly, her charisma.

I met with Anna recently in Los Angeles, where she is again exploring a new side of herself and challenging conventional wisdom. She shared a few thoughts on everything including music, fame, men, romance and the successful woman. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of her raw persona.

Marios: Your new International album is coming out. Tell me about it.

Anna: What I’ve learned by observing people, my fans, really, is that I need to sing about things that are meaningful and passionate. And do it from a woman’s point of view. That’s what characterizes this new International album. We started putting out singles last October on my Website, which has been serving as my virtual home. It’s

M:What would be an ideal next 10 years for you?

A: Well, I went crazy with work over the past few years. So, I said to myself, from now on it’s going to be fewer, more enjoyable projects, and I’ll take my time with them. Live performances around the world, maybe some sort of reality show, a sort of behind the scenes piece, but true and uncensored, with the funny, the ugly and the embarrassing.

What about your personal life...


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