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Jack Reed - Marketing Director, ALO Magazine

As we celebrate ALO Hayati magazine’s rapidly growing worldwide distribution—including retail giants, national and international airlines, VIP lounges, travel agencies, banks, luxury hotels and tourist bureaus— it is important to share with you what ALO brings to its readers and the mission it serves. ALO is the first and only Middle Eastern lifestyle publication; an illuminating, educational and entertaining read for our community. It is written to further awareness of the glamour and culture of the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern community in the United States.

As we continue to plot our course on this powerful mission of connecting cultures, ALO continues to deliver a meaningful blend of art, travel, cuisine, health, fashion, entertainment, relationships and so much more. ALO is a breath of fresh air and a magazine constructed to inspire people. It symbolizes a passion toward making a difference in the community we live in. With that in mind, I would like to invite you to join us on this journey, and become an Ambassador for ALO.

We encourage you to join our other Ambassadors—Dr. Farouk El-Baz, Director at Boston University; California State Senator George Runner; musical superstars Yuri Mraqadi, Diana Haddad, Assi Hillani and International Violinist Joseph Chamaa; among others-as we continue providing strength and inspiration to the community to turn our fondest dreams into reality.

An ALO Ambassador is able to submerge them self and provide guidance in several ways. The Ambassador Questionnaire provided gives for account only a few ways you can support our vision of connecting our community as one. Thank you beforehand for your enthusiasm and commitment. We tremendously acknowledge your involvement in our efforts to help these communities receive the powerful, cultural connection they want and deserve!

I am looking forward to the continued success of our culture, and our journey together..

Warmest regards,

Jack Reed - Marketing Director, ALO Magazine
Jack Reed
Marketing Director, ALO magazine


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